How To Start A Carpet Cleaning Business


How to start a carpet cleaning business:
how to start a carpet cleaning businessStart your own carpet cleaning business or a cleaning company by using our information gathered from over 20 years being in the carpet cleaning industry.

How To Start a Carpet Cleaning is a free informational site about the carpet cleaning service industry. If you have been thinking about starting a carpet cleaning business, you have come to best place for carpet cleaning start up tips!

Did you know that carpet cleaning professionals can easily earn in excess of $800 a day?

Starting a carpet cleaning business of your own is one of the easiest of all small businesses to start. And the carpet cleaning industry is a “billion dollar business”! The the initial start-up costs are well within your reach, and the margin of profit ratio very high!
Carpet Cleaning is a easy business to operate, and yet one that will always be necessary, as long as home owners and businesses have carpet in them. It has a very high rating on all business stability charts, and once started your carpet cleaning business will grow quickly and begin making a considerable amount of money.

When you own your carpet cleaning business, there will be no more punching a time clock, working somewhere or for someone you really don’t like, and working hard for someone else just so they can earn all of the money. And best of all, the personal satisfaction you will gain from being successful, and turning nothing into something.
All it takes to be successful in any business is the will and determination.

First of all you will need to decide exactly what you want the business to be. You can either have a small one man carpet cleaning business, or grow it into one that has multiple employees and vans, or even someday become the biggest carpet cleaning businesses nationwide! There is no limit to what you can do!

You will need to decide if you want to start it full time or begin slowly by working part time. If you have the funds to go out and buy all the equipment for a start-up carpet cleaning business, or to start small and slowly build up the funds to buy more and bigger and better equipment.

carpet cleaning portable equiptmentIf you decide to start slowly you can buy a small portable extractor, a carpet cleaning machine that you can load, right into your van, truck, or even your car, and begin cleaning carpets right away. This beginning setup can be bought for as little as $1000 if bought used or up to $5000 if purchased new.

carpet cleaning truck mountIf you want to learn some carpet cleaning basics, before you go it alone, you can find out more about this on the Cleaning Basics page. Or you could even apply for job at a established local carpet cleaning company for a few weeks or a few months to learn the basics of carpet cleaning and some of the trade secrets you can apply to your own business later.

Or if you want to start off with a Carpet Cleaning Truck Mount in a van, or truck setup that is ready to start carpet cleaning right away, you can go online at Used Carpet Cleaning Truck Mounts and find one used for less than $10,000 or go to one of the major carpet cleaning supply companies.

The thing about buying a used truck mounted machine is if you do not know anything about them, you could end up buying someone elses problem and it might end up costing you alot of money and frustration just to get it running and to keep it running properly.

The positives of buying a new truckmounted machine are that it will be 100% ready to go, and the company you buy it from will give you a 1-3 year warranty for replacement parts and labor in the chance it needs repaired. They will even show you how to use it. It may cost you more at the time of purchase, but it will more than make up for it in the long run by saving you a bunch of headaches. Most new truck mounted machines will cost between $10,000-25,000 depending on the size you want.

If your needing help starting a new Carpet Cleaning Business, just fill out the contact form in the upper right corner on each page of this site.

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